WeTown in Abbotsford – Plans, Availability, Prices

At a Glance

  • WeTown in Abbotsford, located adjacent to Auguston, Ledgeview Golf Club
  • On a large site just south of McKee Road near Blauson Boulevard
  • A five-minute drive from Highway 1.
  • A dense, mixed-use community for 40,000 people
  • 12 highrises
  • This concept is still in the early days
  • 36 buildings of condominiums, offices, and retail
  • everything connected by a highly walkable public realm and a high-elevation walking loop that bridges towering skyscrapers.
  • close to the US Border

We Town

The community is envisioned as compact and walkable. Credit: Auguston Town Development Inc.

Mckee Road Entrance

East entrance on McKee Road with landmark towers. Credit: Auguston Town Development Inc.

Highly Sustainable Community

“WeTown represents a new era of living. It is a mixed-use master-planned community for 30,000 residents inspired by nature, people, sustainable living and technology,” says Ian Renton, General Manager of Auguston Town Development Inc. “The focus is to build a sustainable community and tech campus that promotes walkability, connection, and a healthy lifestyle.”

Pricing for WeTown
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WeTown Reservoir

Office reservoir with a public park. Credit: Auguston Town Development Inc.

Outdoor pool

Outdoor multi-function pools. Credit: Auguston Town Development Inc.

Floor Plans for WeTown
A high-density community of 30,000 residents.  It’s envisioned as a compact city, designed to encourage residents to get out of their cars and walk, cycle and roll. The WeTown concept includes 36 buildings, linked by a loop that will allow residents to travel from work to home in eight minutes or less.

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Amenities at WeTown
The focus is to build a sustainable community and tech campus that promotes walkability, connection, and a healthy lifestyle.  Buildings include residential homes, office space and commercial retail, including a farmers market.  WeTown will also include a convention centre and hotel, university campus, and preserved parkland.  The driving concept behind the development is the idea of making Abbotsford a remote tech hub, benefitting from its location near the U.S. border as well as Vancouver.

The plan aims to break up the large, existing commercial blocks on South Fraser Way and create a more walkable, human-scale community that can serve as an official “city centre” and accommodate up to 10,000 more residents.

Parking and Storage
Details forthcoming.

Maintenance Fees at WeTown

Developer Team for WeTown
Avoid Obvious Architects – Our design celebrates sustainability and happiness with an international team that is passionate and diverse.

Green & happy design is the core of our practice. With over 20 years of experience in architecture and urban planning, our team delivers award-winning buildings and cities. Design is a collaborative process to discover the greener and happier ways to live, work and play. As our name Avoid Obvious Architects suggests, we find unique solutions to bring green smiles to everyone. We work very closely with NGO and the government to provide sustainable designs on a non-profit basis.

Working with us is like working with entertainers and innovators. Together with our clients, we will find and unleash the greatest potential of design. We add value to the most common situation by combining art, health, context, build-ability, fundraising, branding, storytelling, and science.

Expected Completion for WeTown
The developer of WeTown estimates it could take up to 20 years to fully realize the vision for the site.


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